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Young House Family Services

During times of crisis or difficult circumstances, coping with everyday tasks can be overwhelming. Young House Family Services delivers high quality, effective services that help families achieve safety, stability and well-being. One goal of Young House Family Services is to provide therapy assistance to families and individuals with extreme financial needs. These therapy sessions have improved behaviors and academics in the classroom, reduced out-of-home placements for children and improved the stability of the family unit by treating and supporting parents.

Young House Family Services received grant funding from The Keokuk Area Community Foundation Grant Fund to provide therapy to children, adolescents and adults who do not have health insurance, or have high deductibles /co-pays. High deductible/co-pay costs can prevent students and adults from receiving the mental health services needed to cope with the generational poverty that continues to rise in Lee County. 

“The programs of Young House Family Services nurture each child’s potential to succeed and each families ability to heal.”

The children, adolescents and adults served by Young House Family Services have also been assisted and supported with finding the necessary resources to move forward and regain their sense of empowerment to become productive and hopeful citizens of Lee County Iowa.

Young House Family Services has facilities in Burlington, Mt. Pleasant and Keokuk, and provides a wide range of counseling and behavioral health services to over 4,000 children and families every year throughout Southeast Iowa. Learn more at