Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative

About The Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative

Established in 2017, The Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative is a nonprofit organization that brings people and resources together to develop, preserve quality Keokuk neighborhoods, and increase the diversity and availability of housing in Keokuk, Iowa. The Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative is an innovative collaboration between the City of Keokuk, Keokuk  Area Chamber of Commerce and Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission. A Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative Endowment was established at the Keokuk Area Community Foundation to receive the Roquette gift and future gifts/donations for the Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative.

Each organization will assist the Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative in different ways. The City of Keokuk will help in the acquisition and demolition of rundown or dilapidated properties. The Keokuk Area Chamber of Commerce will help with the promotion of the program. The Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission will manage the construction side of the project. Peevler Real Estate will work we potential homeowners to decide what type of home would work best in a specific neighborhood.

“Within the city, we have many properties that are so far gone, that a lot of times, in a particular neighborhood, that is the house that needs to come down. We would take that house down, offer incentives for people to go back and rebuild or go through our program, so that they have a new property where there once was an eyesore.”-Tim Peevler. 

From Left to Right: Aaron Burnett, Melinda Boyer, Shelley Oltmans, Tim Peevler, Kerry Klepfer and Mike Norris

Gift from Roquette

The Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative was awarded $35,000 from Roquette, Inc. in October of 2017, to support their efforts to revitalize existing Keokuk neighborhoods and increase the diversity and availability of housing in Keokuk. Read the press article here.

Goals of The Keokuk Neighborhood Initiative

  • Preserve the historic and residential character of neighborhoods and communities in Keokuk.

  • Access to affordable, stable, safe, and high-quality housing, neighborhoods, and communities in Keokuk.

  • Diversification of housing options and increased availability.

  • Strengthening of real estate markets and property values.

  • Use of existing public infrastructure, lowering costs of public services.

  • Generation of more property tax revenue per acre.

  • Increased sustainability of existing neighborhoods and communities.

  • Stimulates private investment in neighborhoods and overall community.