Jackson Township Fire Department

Lighter and Stronger

Jackson Township Fire Department 

The Jackson Township Fire Department is a Lee County volunteer force of 12-25 volunteers whose primary response area has approximately 1,760 residents, 1,684 homes/apartments, 28 square miles of land area and 1.4 square miles of water. In 2017, The Jackson Township Fire Department received a grant from The Keokuk Area Community Foundation Grant Fund to update and replace heavy old aluminum SCBA tanks with new lighter carbon fiber SCBA tanks.

Replacing the aluminum tanks with carbon fiber tanks, fire fighters experienced a 50% reduction in weight which directly impacted the way The Jackson Township Firefighters performed firefighting operations. Firefighters are now able to operate longer with less fatigue and stress on their backs.

“Fire Fighters are reporting that the carbon fiber tanks are much more comfortable and they are able to wear them for longer periods time without discomfort or running out of air. This is a big deal when you consider the composition of the smoke that fire fighters are exposed to over years of service.”-Jackson Township Fire Fighter Garry Seyb.

The Jackson Township Fire Department leadership has committed to sustaining carbon fiber tanks by budgeting for rotating replacement of tanks so that they are able to maintain National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards. This grant impacted not only the fire fighters at JTFA but their ability to protect the residents within Jackson Township, and our mutual aid departments in Lee County, Hamilton, Ill and Alexandria, Mo.