The Capital Campaign Goal

Until now, the money for grants awarded by the Keokuk Area Community Foundation has been provided largely by the Agnes Benstein Trust, with the goal of enabling the community foundation to operate for a period of time without needing to concentrate on fund-raising.

After supporting a decade of successful operation and growth of the community foundation, the Benstein Trust distributed its remaining funds to the Keokuk Area Community Foundation in 2015. Half of these funds were used to create The Grant Endowment Fund. The other half has been used to continue grants at the current level of approximately $50,000/year for the next few years.

The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is starting its first capital campaign to raise new funds for The Grant Endowment Fund that will ensure we can continue to provide critical funding for organizations that make our community such a great place in which to live. The Capital Campaign Goal is to raise at least $750,000, which when added to the existing $200,000 funded by the Benstein Trust is a large part of the $1,200,000 endowment predicted to sustain the current level of the annual grant program. The remaining funds will come from estate gifts and future donations to The Grant Endowment Fund.