Grand Theatre Endowment Fund

About the Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is a live performance theater for the benefit of the Tri-State Area. Designed by Merle F. Baker, the Grand Theatre was constructed on the foundation of the Keokuk Opera House (c. 1880), which burned down in 1923. Modeled after theaters in Chicago, it was praised as one of the finest theaters in the country at the time. The Grand Theatre has housed many historically important performers over the years, including John Philip Sousa and Maynard Ferguson. In 1987, the Grand Theatre was purchased and donated to the City of Keokuk. The city council established a volunteer commission to operate the Grand Theatre. The commission still manages the theatre today, which has seen significant improvements in the last twenty years. Today the Grand Theatre is used for live performances, conventions and other events.

Your Gift Will Keep on Giving

Because the Grand Theatre Endowment Fund is an endowed fund with the Keokuk Area Community Foundation, the donated dollars are invested, and only the income from the fund is granted out. Your contribution will help carry out the mission of the Grand Theatre now and forever.

Added Tax Benefits of Giving with Endow Iowa

Endow Iowa was created to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Iowa through increased philanthropic activity by encouraging new investments to existing community foundations across Iowa. Endow Iowa allows taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa Tax Credit. The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is a qualified community foundation that provides access to Endow Iowa Tax Credits. Any gift to the Grand Theatre Fund may be eligible to receive a 25% Endow Iowa State Tax Credit, in addition to the federal deductions for charitable gifts.