The KPLAY: Playgrounds for All! Fund

The KPLAY Fund was established at The Keokuk Area Community Foundation with the mission of providing inclusive playground equipment for all children in Keokuk, Iowa. KPLAY (Playgrounds for All) plans to raise $250,000 to build or improve public playgrounds throughout Keokuk.

Bentley’s Playground

Bentley’s Playground is named for Bentley McGhghy, the four year old son of Matt and Nicole McGhghy. Bentley has faced challenges with cerebral palsy since birth, one of which has been a lack of appropriately adaptive play equipment in Keokuk and the Tri-State region. The goal of Bentley’s Playground is to create a safe and inclusive play area that all children can enjoy. It is the first public playground conceived and built for accessibility by KPLAY, and is located Tolmie Park on Plank Road in Keokuk, also known as North Park.

Support KPLAY

KPLAY and the Keokuk Odd Fellows enlisted the enthusiastic help of other community service organizations to raise funds and to install Phase 1 of Bentley’s Playground. Local contractors generously donated time, equipment, and materials for installation. Phase 1 consisted of an accessible swing set with adaptive seats placed on an a smooth safety surface to break falls, and a music play station. The music play station combines a marimba, xylophone, tongue drums and rain wheel into one unit so that several children can interact and play at the same time. Both the swings and the music station are connected to a new handicap parking pad with concrete access walkways.

KPLAY is planning a Phase 2 expansion of Bentley’s Playground for the Summer of 2017. This will add another 6,000 square feet of safety-surfaced play area and several adaptive play items to accommodate children of various ability levels from ages 2 through 12. The estimated budget for the expansion is $300,000.

Contact KPLAY

For more information, contact Tyler McGhghy at 319-795-6989 or