Investment Management

Investment Management

The investment objective of KACF is to earn a return that allows donors to make a significant number and significant size of grants while maintaining the endowment’s future giving power. Further information about this objective can be reviewed in our KACF Investment Policy.

KACF partners with The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation (GCRCF) to invest donor funds. The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation offers three Investment Pool Options. Investment Pool Options designed to meet a range of philanthropic goals and time horizons. Each of GCRCF’s investment pools are carefully constructed and diversified across global investment opportunities to attempt to generate optimal returns while mitigating volatility.

Investment Strategy

The Keokuk Area Community Foundation and Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation partner with each other to invest charitable gifts. The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation administers KACF’s funds so that a higher investment return can be created. The Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG) is an Cincinnati-based investment advisor that serves as consultant to both of the Community Foundation’s Investment Committees.

The FEG representative servicing the Keokuk Area Community Foundation and the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation is Tim O’Donnell, CAIA, Senior Vice President. Tim has 18 years of experience as an investment professional and has been with FEG since 1999.

The responsibility for managing the investment portfolio is vested in the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors through the Investment Committee. This committee works closely with professional staff and the investment advisers to set policy, establish performance benchmarks and continually monitor the performance of the Community Foundation’s portfolio against these policies and benchmarks.

Tim O’Donnell, our investment consultant with Fund Evaluation Group, provides quarterly presentations on the Community Foundation’s investment portfolio and returns. The investment committee meets regularly with the Community Foundation’s investment consultant to discuss performance and investment strategies, and review managers.