The Successful Grant Application

Steps to a Successful Keokuk Area Community Foundation Grant Application

 Before Starting the Grant Writing Process, refer to the Charitable Interests and Grant Guidelines.

1. Complete the Keokuk Area Community Foundation (KACF) Grant Application– Submit the original grant application of your proposal on 8 ½” x 11” paper printed on one side only.  Hand written applications will not be accepted.  Materials should not be bound, inserted in protective sleeves or prepared in other types of notebook form. Invest your time in content rather than presentation. If sending via U.S. Mail, do not fold the application materials, please mail in a catalog envelope of sufficient size. KACF requires seven (7) copies of your application to be mailed. Letters of support are accepted to verify project need and collaboration with other organizations.

2. 501 C (3) Determination Letter– Make sure your organization’s 501 (C) (3) IRS determination letter is current. KACF only awards grants to 501 (C) (3) organizations and qualified exempt government agencies in Lee County Iowa, Hancock County Illinois, or Clark County Missouri. 

3. Grant Reports- An organization must complete a KACF Grant Report, if the organization has received a grant from the Keokuk Area Community Foundation in the past.  The failure to file the a KACF Grant Report may prevent consideration of future grants to any such recipient.

4. Mailing- The Keokuk Area Community Foundation Grant Application and all supporting documents MUST be postmarked by the deadline of the grant application.

5. Grant Agreement- If awarded grant funding from the Keokuk Area Community Foundation, the grant recipient must sign a Grant Agreement before receiving the grant payment.

6. Site Visit- Under certain circumstances, applicants should be prepared for a site visit of their agency at the mutual convenience of the applicant and the KACF Grants Committee.  In addition, the KACF Grants Committee and the KACF Board retain the option of holding an application open in order to request further information from the applying organization.  The decision to request additional information is at the sole discretion of the KACF Grants Committee and/or the Board of Directors of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation.