The KACF Grant Endowment Fund

Legacies are the honorable remembrance of the past and a continuation of respect for the future. The legacy of Agnes Benstein begins as a story of humble generosity. “Agnes” as she was known by her friends lived quietly with her husband in Keokuk Iowa.  Together they lived a life of charity and community service. In her final years, Agnes lived at Good Samaritan Home in Quincy Illinois, devoting the rest of her life to her faith, assisting others and establishing the Agnes Benstein Trust to provide for nonprofit organizations, charities, schools and hospitals that were instrumental in assisting those with basic needs. Over $2,000,000 given to Tri-State nonprofits, churches, schools, hospitals and charitable organizations since 1994.

To a great degree, “Agnes” provided these dollars for many worthwhile organizations without fanfare. She gave quietly, but generously year after year.  In September of 2015, The Benstein Trust was transferred to KACF joining 42 other endowments and funds-all of which provide grants and  distributions to schools, charities, churches, nonprofits and hospitals. KACF is honored to be a partner in giving with the Agnes Benstein Trust and will continue to preserve her legacy for good and forever.

The Board of Directors of KACF has made a commitment to continuing the legacy of Agnes by awarding grants to those nonprofit organizations which have benefited from her generosity.  We will award at least $50,000 annually in honor of Agnes. In order to maintain that level of giving, The Keokuk Area Community Foundation has established an endowment to honor Agnes Benstein. The KACF Grant Endowment Fund will be carefully invested each year with the intention of providing sustainable grant funds to Tri-State Area organizations for many years to come. 

Give to The KACF Grant Endowment Fund

A gift to the The KACF Grant Endowment Fund allows The Keokuk Area Community Foundation to provide grants to many nonprofit organizations every year.

Every gift to the The KACF Grant Endowment Fund is eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit. Endow Iowa Tax Credits permits donors to have an even greater impact on their philanthropic interests in Iowa now and into the future. When you donate to a permanently endowed fund, like The KACF Grant Fund Endowment, you’re not only helping your neighbors today, you’re building a stronger community tomorrow.

The Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program allows taxpayers to receive an Iowa state income tax credit equal to 25 percent of the value of your gift for certain endowed charitable gifts. These gifts are not eligible for a state income tax deduction, although they do qualify for the federal charitable deduction. The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is a qualified community foundation that provides access to Endow Iowa tax credits directly to the Tri-State Area.

A gift to The KACF Grant Endowment Fund has never been easier. The Keokuk Area Community Foundation will honor your gift by investing it carefully. We will also provide an Endow Iowa Tax Credit application for your generous gift to The KACF Grant Endowment Fund. All Endow Iowa Tax Credit applications will now be processed quickly and efficiently by the Iowa Economic Development Authority’s new online Endow Tax Credit Application Portal that The Keokuk Area Community Foundation now has exclusive access to. Over $6 million in Endow Iowa tax credits will be awarded in 2018. 

To make an online donation to the The KACF Grant Endowment Fund, please click below on the Give Now Button. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a donation. Donations can be made with a PayPal Account or Credit Card. PayPal deducts 2.5% of your donation for its service.

To contribute by mail, please mail your gift to: Keokuk Area Community Foundation, c/o Agnes Fund, P.O. Box 367 Keokuk, Iowa 52632. Make checks payable to Keokuk Area Community Foundation.