Establishing a Donor-Advised Fund

Provide a Future of Charitable Giving!

One of the most popular ways to create a legacy of giving is to establish a Donor-Advised Fund. You receive all applicable Federal and State charitable deductions and if you reside in Iowa, you can receive the Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

How Donor-Advised Fund Works…


1. You give cash, appreciated securities or stocks, real estate or other property to The Keokuk Area Community Foundation.

2. We establish the fund in your family’s name or in the name of whoever you designate.

3. You recommend to the Foundation those charities or institutions that you wish to receive the grant that year.

4. You can establish an Endowed Donor-Advised Fund and the fund endowment is invested over a period of years and the income of the fund (4.5%) is distributed to those charities you designate.