Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship

The Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship was established for graduating seniors from any Keokuk Iowa High School or home schooled equivalent. The student must be as a resident of Keokuk Iowa. Students must be in the Top 25% of their graduating class at their Keokuk High School, or display high academic achievement in their home-schooled program to qualify for the Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship. Successful applicants should also demonstrate a financial need for this scholarship.

A Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship recipient(s) must attend or be enrolled in an Iowa college or university upon high school graduation or completion of home schooled equivalent.

Each scholarship is $1,000.00 or more per year. This can be a renewable scholarship for a second, third and fourth year, provided the student has maintained a 3.2 grade point average each year at the Iowa college or university they attend. To receive a renewal of the scholarship, the student must provide documentation to the Keokuk Area Community Foundation regarding grade point average each year and proof of enrollment.

Deadline for scholarship applications is April 13, 2018. Peggy Dickey Memorial Scholarship Recipient(s) will be selected and announced by May 1, 2018. Please be careful to ascertain that you meet the eligibility requirements and include all required information with your application.