Agency Funds Held at KACF

Part of the mission of the Keokuk Area Community Foundation is to strengthen local nonprofit organizations that contribute to improving the quality of life in our community. The Community Foundation helps nonprofit organizations establish and build endowment funds to create sustainable funding.  Here are all the Agency Funds the Keokuk Area Community Foundation hold in trust. Click on the pictures to learn more about the Agency Funds held at The Keokuk Area Community Foundation. 

Establishing a Agency Fund as Donor

An Agency Fund can be established by a family or an individual to support their favorite local nonprofit organization. By establishing a Agency Fund, you are providing support for the organization forever. Partnering with the Keokuk Area Community Foundation allows nonprofits to invest in a larger pool of assets, which can lead to greater growth, greater income and lower investment fees. All gifts to the organization’s endowed fund are tax deductible and may benefit from the 25 percent state income tax credit through the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program. Distributions from the fund are granted back to the agency to be used at the discretion of its governing board. 

Make a Donation! Receive a Endow Iowa Tax Credit!

Donations to the Agency Funds pictured can qualify for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit. Click on the Agency Fund to make an online donation, or download an pledge form.  The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is a qualified community foundation that provides access to Endow Iowa Tax Credits. Endow Iowa allows taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit, in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions, for gifts made to permanent endowment funds that benefit Iowa charitable causes.