The Keokuk Area Community Foundation established October, 2004!

Our Purpose: The Foundation receives charitable gifts and grants from donors: individuals, families, business, and corporations to establish permanent Endowments for the benefit of Southeast Iowa, Western Illinois, and Northeast Missouri.

The Keokuk Area Community Foundation is a 501 C 3 charitable foundation which receives gifts, grants and contributions.

Endowments, Donor Advised Funds, scholarship funds and other endowments are received by donors: held in trust, invested and re-invested, managed and held in perpetual trust by the Board of Directors of the Keokuk Foundation for the benefit of the Tri-State Area, The State of Iowa and the United States of America.

The permanent Endowment(s) of the Foundation are held in trust and invested in partnership and affiliation with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and the investment firm: Fund Evaluation Group of Cincinnati, Ohio.

What is an Endowment?  It is a fund established and named that is permanent, the principle amount given is never spent; only a portion of  income earned each year is distributed to Non-Profit organizations, churches, charities or school in the form of grants-(Please go to the Grants Tab if you are a non-profit organization and would like to apply for a grant!)

 Most donors create Endowments using A Donor Advised Fund.  Some also establish Scholarships!  The Keokuk Area Community Foundation has many permanent Endowments.

What is the benefit to donors when establishing Endowments and Fund?  The greatest benefit is knowing that you have given funds that will be distributed to worthwhile organizations long after you are gone and that your gift will continue to support the causes you cherish, forever.  For Good!  For Ever!